We often get asked what is a guesthouse, If you look at the definitions,


Guest House is traditionally a small, privately owned homestead that rents out its rooms at a daily rate.

A guesthouse will also have fewer rooms than a hotel, usually anything from 4-10 rooms. if rooms are more then 10 which takes us out of the league of a guesthouse and puts us more in the line of a boutique or hotel.


A hotel is often a larger establishment that is corporately owned. It may be a chain of hotels that operate under one brand name, whereas it is rare to find that in a guesthouse. There are few hotels in Pakistan as it is a small and more suited to guesthouse-type accommodation.

In Pakistan, a guesthouse may be called a Bed and Breakfast or B&B and usually offers more of a personal touch than a hotel as there are fewer guests to accommodate.

We are proud of our personal service and nearly all of our customers are repeat business, preferring our beautiful setting and fantastic service to another place where they are treated impersonally.

Once again you might expect a guesthouse to cater to specific needs as it is more flexible than a hotel, but at Family Guest Houses/ Hotels we are well known for being accommodating and for ensuring you get the best venue or conference or break away from the city.

We are happy to accommodate families and guests on such a special day. Corporate functions, events and dinner parties are welcome at Family Guest Houses where we’ll go out of our way to make sure you are only left with the best memories of the day.