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Fast travel Red Dead Redemption 2

The peoples who played that other big Rock-star games that been popular for the last few years, will recall that there isn’t an easy way to fast travel. Yes, you can call a taxi car and pay the fare with in-game currency, But it never breaks immersion. This is not the case for Red Dead […]


Travel Tips
Karachi, A business hub; A City of light is situated in the southern part of Pakistan. Apart from a business center, this city offers a wide range of attractions for visitors from the beaches to British styled buildings. It is also encloses a prosperous in a market that offers a variety of famous items especially on the streets of Sadder and Tariq Road. This city is famous for Pakistani cuisine, not only in the urban areas but also on the highways. Overall, this is a city full of attractions, food hubs, and market places all at one place.

Karachi Tours & Travel Guides

Karachi, which was once the prehistoric humble abode of Sindhi fishermen, is now a roaring urban economy that sustains the country with its large seaports. Always up and running, the streets of Karachi are a cacophony of colorful buses, impatient people and the infectious energy of its daily hustle. But are there any attractions here […]

Badshahi Mosque

Badshahi Mosque (transformation in English: Royal Mosque) is the second largest mosque of Pakistan, located in provincial capital Lahore of Punjab. It was built in 1673 A.D. by the sixth Mughal Emperor Au rangzeb Alamgir. The mosque remained the largest mosque of the  world from 1673 to 1986, when it was overtaken in capacity and size […]